High Memory Usage Help.

So when I started up my laptop, I went and checked the memory usage. It was sitting on about 1.8gbs, and I'm guessing that's just from the OS and start up apps. Then I tried a clean boot and the usage only went down to about 1.56gbs.Now that's a lot just for windows stuff.

I then restarted out of clean boot and started playing RIFT, to then seeing my usage go over 5gbs. On task manager it only shows RIFT using around 1gb which is strange, I've also been getting some lags spikes after an hour of play, where restarting is the only way to make it play smooth again.

So is this normal or is something wrong that I don't know about

Laptop Specs:
CPU: I7 2630QM
OS: Windows 7 64-bit
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  1. It's normal.
  2. you can try disabling unnecessary programs on startup. in the run command box type msconfig then click on ok. click on startup and uncheck any programs you dont need to start with windows.this will reduce your memory usage somewhat and make it boot a little faster depending on how much you have running at start up.that having been said your usage is,as the previous poster pointed out,not really out of line.
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    Guys, he said he did a clean boot. A clean boot means he went into msconfig and turned off literally every startup program and service except for core windows services. His problem isn't startup programs.
    OP: Windows 7 is designed to use your installed memory like this. It's perfectly normal; windows will try to do everything in it's power to keep things it thinks you might need in memory so that it doesn't have to go to the hard drive if at all possible. It is perfectly fine because you still have plenty of free memory left over for anything else you might need to load. And even if you didn't, windows can very easily flush out whatever it doesn't need to make room for what you try to load. So in short yes it is both normal and fine.
  5. your right,shoulda seen that.
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