Best Processor and Graphics Card for 3D Rendering?

I use 3ds max, maya. blender, zbrush, after effects and premier pro. I want to know which processor among Intel or AMD and which graphics card among Radeon or Nvidia supports these softwares better. Please help. Also provide reason why that is better. Thank you in advance :)
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    For the low budget AMD FX-8350 mid range AMD FX-9590 and high end Intel Core i7 3930K, 4930K. Intel will be overkill. For video cards AMD has new R9 models R9 280X-300$, R9 290X-600$ which budget do you have?
    AMD FX-8350 has 8-cores, 8-threads it beats Core i7-4770k in 3D rendering and costs 189.99$ Intel Core i7 3930K 4930K has 6-cores 12-threads and will beat any AMD FX processor but costs 500$+
  2. Thank You so much. :)
  3. You're welcome!!!
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