Need help with computer not starting but motherboard LED on, no fans working/fan LED's

heyya guys, its my first time here asking for advice; im no tech genius but i have a little bit of an idea in putting a computer together. anyways,
my computer recently had an issue with restarting by its self after about 2 minutes of being rebooted, and it worked out cheaper to buy a new motherboard, new cpu, new ram, and new power supply (as i also needed an upgrade)

I bought, an intel i5 processor, H81M-plus motherboard (Asus), thermaltake smart550W power supply, DDR3 2x4gb ram (g.skill) and i previously had a new Evea geforce GTX650 graphics card,

basically i installed the whole lot, plugged it all in (motherboard LED on) hit the power button, the fans moved about 1mm but nothing else happened at all. i began taking eveything off (hard drives first, tried just turning over the fans, no luck, disconnected ram sticks one by one (trying in both slots to check for faulty outlet) still no fans turning over, took all fans off, and everything else leaving just the cpu fan and the power supply, and even then the cpu fan didnt work, and yes i checked and rechecked everything was connected propperly, and it all was according to the manuals, suspected a faulty mother board, so exchanged that for a new motherboard of the same make, transfered over cpu and cpu fan, and just connected to power, and the fan still isnt working. is there a problem with the cpu? and can it even cause this sort of issue?

i would really appreciate anybody to give me some advice because im at a loss with this whole situation, i may also say that i tried the old power supply (500w) and the graphics card fan spun for about 10 seconds, and the leds on other fans flickered but that was the best i got, now with the new motherboard even that doesnt happen with the old power supply, but the motherboard LED is on.

i did not touch the underside of the cpu at all, only holding each side as demonstrated in the manual, and did not touch the inside of the cpu seating either. i hope this is enough details for someone to help me out! thankyou so much guys!

also, when i plug in the razor mouse i have, the LED lights up in the mouse, as does the light for the ethernet cable to the wifi, but otherwise nothing
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  2. What are themake and models of the 2 PSUs youve tried in your new build? And what was your PSU powering before you upgraded?
  3. vrumor said:
    What are themake and models of the 2 PSUs youve tried in your new build? And what was your PSU powering before you upgraded?

    The make of the new power supply is thermaltake 550W smart series model
    SP - 550P, and the old supply was silverstone 500W, unsure of model, it was powering intel 2.4ghz core 1quad (not sure if i2, but is quite old), and not sure of motherboard make FSB 1600 OC 1333, with 4gb ddr2 ram :), if you need any other specs please let me know
  4. AMD Radeon said:

    thankyou very much, il take a look now and report back if i find anything
  5. This happened to me aswell, trying unplugging all the case fans, then turning it on.
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