My PC keeps rebooting it self HELPPPPP!!!!!!

so i just got this lenovo desktop pc with windows 7 on it. When i first got it it was all fine and dandy but now it has begun restarting it self out of no where... it actually has restarted 4 times in the time of me tryin to post this :( i have no clue whats wrong the screen just freezes then goes black and hesistates for a minute then fires back me it seems it does it more frequently when im doing more stuff on my pc like browsing web downloads etc... can some one please help me...
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    The system might be heating up, download a temp.sensing program like real temp or something like that and see what is heating up under load, the GPU or the CPU. Also you might like to see if the PSU is not giving way.
    But basically since it's a new rig, you might as well call up the company's service guy and report your problems.
  2. First step is open the box up and blow the dust if its dirty. Sounds like something is over heating or the power supply is going bad.

    Did you buy it new, or how old is it?
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