I am having the same problems with copy/cut paste

I have paid an exorbitant amount of money for Microsoft's programs Win7 Pro 64 bit, and Office 2010 Pro only to have them NOT function as they are supposed to, and then get the runaround from Microsoft support. Their old programs that were less provided more service reliably. Microsoft it appears should know these problem's are out there and seem to refuse to create an UPDATE to repair THEIR software. I suppose that is because they know they have suckers like me that have grown to trust Microsoft that will purchase their new faulty software, and when it fails because of a lack of support have their support suggest you purchase their newest latest greatest software that don't work either. Frankly I am feed up, and am seriously considering getting an entirely different OS and compatible Office programs from another provider. They are out their.
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  1. Just a thought.. if you would have just typed out the problem you was having with copy/cut paste, someone may have been able to have helped you.
    I read through your rant to try and discern your issue stated in the subject/topic with no luck.
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