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So when ever I want to boot up my toshiba l655 it makes a clicking noise and after it stops my system loads, since day 1 .. it doesnt do this ALL the time but every 2 times a month maybe, or when i take it out and put it back in :P
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  1. then your HDD is dying..
    Clicking noise is bad head placement, and try hdd it self try to normalize position, but it can't.

    Most of clicking situation, will scratch platter, and make a lot bad sector..

    I suggest you to back up your data as soon as soon as possible, and if your drive still under warranty, then claim it..

    my question is..what is your psu..?
    Many problem like this is because of bad psu..
  2. It is a laptop (l655 toshiba) , and it has been going on for a while, ever since i got my laptop, a year ago.. It kept making this sound.. Someone told me it was just reading the HDD, it didnt make sense to me.. But i stuck with that, Now it happened again when I open my laptop to clean the dust, and when I put my HDD back it made the clicking noise, but a little longer this time :P , kinda weird xD
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