Sandisk Pulse 128GB SSD vs Toshiba Q Series 128GB Vs Kingston v300

Hi, Looking to buy an SSD.
Due to the low price of the Toshiba Q series and Sandisk Pulse, i cannot decide which is better in terms of general speed- primarily boot.

The only applications on the SSD will be Windows 7 and World of warcraft- possibly photoshop or other resource intensive apps. Everything else will be on the Hard Disk.




The toshiba has 85k IOPS where as the sandisk has 8k/2.1k IOPS. What does that mean?

Other parts will include an i5 3.4Ghz (not sure weather to bother with a 4670 or just go for the 3570 to save some money. Also 4GB DDR3 1333mhz.

Thanks all

EDIT: Added Kingston Drive
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  1. Toshiba Q series are very good SSD's.
  2. Thanks for your reply, The specs on it seem to demolish the other drives. Are the IOPS something to look for or is it just added for marketing?
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    IOPS are important, more the better.
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