No beeps from motherboard, black screen (NOT every time)

Hi everyone,

Sometimes when I turn the computer on, there are no beeps from the motherboard (ASUS M4A79XTD-EVO) and nothing shows on the screen. Usually I just need to reboot it three or four times, but I am concerned that at some point the problem could become permanent. Would you know what could be the problem?

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    Quick fixes for that scenario would be something not seated well, but ive seen plenty of bad mobo's that work perfect every few reboots. As far as possible problems your looking at just about anything hardware related from improperly seated RAM, bad wall socket, bad motherboard, OC'ing, failing GPU, issue with monitor or cable, Power supply issue, anything.

    The methodology ive found that works best is to removed parts / switch around / replace, to determine the cause. But being an intermittent issue like your having, it may never be certain that whatever you just did (say replace RAM) actually fixed the issue, only time will tell.

    I would run memtest, re-seat everything, check the board for blown caps, check the PSU for blown caps. And hope its just a seating issue.
  2. the 2102 bios fixes issues with motherboard hangs at post due to some video cards. check that your running the newest bios. on motherboards if the cmos battery starts going dead some mb wont post. if the power supply power good output is low a cpu wont post.
  3. Thank you for all answers. It's not the power supply (Corsair, 1000 W), but I will re-seat everything and upgrade BIOS.
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