Asus HD 7970 Matrix Platinum vs the MSI R7970 Lightning Boost Edition

Going to buy a PC next week, can get both of those cards for the same price (€ 370)

Rest of the pc:

Noctua NH-D14
Asus Maximus VI hero
G. Skill Trident X 8GB 2400 MHz
Seagate Barracuda 2TB
Samung 840 EVO 250GB
Seasonic x-650
Fractal Design Define R4
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  1. Asus has a better stock cooler with is better for overclocking so I would choose the Asus Card
  2. Any idea on hwo much beter?

    I've build a pc for someone last week with the lightning and oced it to 1200/1700 with max temps of 75 degrees
  3. Thnx for that, I've been looking for hours trying to find a comparison.
    Do you by any chance know the difference between the plat and non plat version?
    The only difference I've found are clock speeds, but if I can oc both equally theres no point in dropping an extra 50 on the plat version
  4. Platinum is factory overclocked and non platinum is not factory overclocked
  5. No other differences at all? As I see no reason to pay extra for the platinum as I'll be ocing it anyways
  6. Just found out I can get a phew of the 280x cards and they're all cheaper, would love an opinion on those as well if possible

    Asus matrix is €20 less
    Asus DC2T is €50 less
    Gigabyte radeon is €90 less
    Sapphire vapor-x is €90 less
    Sapphire dual-x is €100 less
    Club3D King and Queen are both €90 les
  7. Best answer
    The 280X is a bit faster, I went with the Asus DC2T and love it, their Matrix is clocked a little higher as base. Haven't really had any time to play with mine, but took it to 1150 with no problem, once I get a few free hours will play more ;)
  8. Currently leaning towards both the matrix and dc2t but more in favor of the matrix as I've been tolled it cools a tad better and is a tad quieter
  9. Yep, it has better fans, performance and sound wise
  10. Hey OP, I took my DC2 7970 (same as T but not pre OCed) and got 1260MHz max out of it. 7970 = 280X but with 1-2 frames lost.
    I posted mine here.
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