What should i get:Xbox 360 or Ps3 or 450$ gaming rig(pc)

PC specs:
Intel core i3 4130
Amd radeon hd 7790(asus)
8GB ram
Corsair 450 watt psu
ASRock B85M-HDS Micro ATX LGA1150 Motherboard

So on which platform i will have better fps like 45+fps
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  1. There will no $450 PC that will compete with a console for strictly gaming
  2. Are you kidding me? a $450 with no peripherals will whup a 360!
  3. lol ^
  4. Decided!PS3 but does anyone know how to change resolution from 480i to hd 720 and yes does it affect fps therefore ps3 is only for 32500Rs pakistani 32500rs equal to 325$
  5. you'll have to google search that. I don't think this forum really deals with PS3's
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