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I purchased a refurbished Asus G75VW and all was fine except for the keyboard, the led lights never worked and due to insufficient time I couldn't investigate whether it was a driver or hardware related issue for quite some time. I have now isolated the problem to hardware, but by now I am pretty certain the warranty is expired, and besides, I have heard many terrible things about how these computers come back from Asus with even more problems and I should be grateful that this is the only problem that I have.

Anyways back to the point, I am looking for the parts to fix this problem myself because like I've said, I know exactly what the issue is.

The little orange cord that gives power to the led lights on the keyboard is twisted, and I have heard that this cord is very fragile so that is obviously the problem. Now my question is, can this cord be removed from both the motherboard and the keyboard itself, or must I buy a whole new keyboard? If the cord is indeed replaceable can someone point me to where I might buy one or give me a part number so I can easily search for one, or do you think Asus would send me one?

Thanks for reading this far, help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Can't you just try fixing (soldering) the cable?
  2. I didn't personally look at it I sent it in to a local computer place here because I have never dealt with a laptop before and don't really have the tools atm to do it myself. By the sounds of it it is pretty badly twisted and I am not sure it could be fixed, and I have personally never soldered before either. =/ Why can you just not get something that works to begin with, what a pain.. If someone could confirm that the cord is stuck on the keyboard that would be great!

    Here is the picture of the cord (taken from a Youtube video), I couldn't find a better word for it but it isn't really a cord. Could that be fixed if twisted? It looks like it would be a delicate cord, and not repairable once damaged but could I be wrong?

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    Take a look here:
    min 08.17
    Not easy to fix it, but I wouldn't say it's impossible.
  4. That's the first video I looked at yeah, I don't think replacing the whole keyboard would be too difficult but the cord itself I have no clue. :/ Obviously a cord is cheaper than a keyboard. I got a good deal on this laptop but at this rate I will be paying just as much if not more than I would have for a brand new one. :/

    In that video the keyboard is removed but it doesn't show how or if the keyboard can be disassembled. Doesn't look too good though, it's looking like the best bet is a whole new keyboard.. :/
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