How to (cheaply) secure port forwarding on home network

I have a small home server to share photos, blog, videos, etc. with family and friends around the US and Western Europe. Of course I have seen evidence of malicious scanning against my network/server.

I'd like to set up a ruleset to only allow NAT forwarding for a select group of IP address ranges that I trust. The AirPort Extreme doesn't have this feature. Do I need to buy a firewall at $400 plus subscriptions, or will a small switch ($150) meet the basic needs? Any suggestions on a specific product?
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  1. Are you any good with Cisco products? A Cisco 887VA would give you that flexibility, but will cost around £220
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    Any router that will run DD-WRT will work. You should be able to also use firewall rules on the server to accomplish that.
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