How to add old win8 to new win8.1 boot menu

Here is what happened:

I started hearing clicking noises from my hardisks after my PC fell by accident, so I decided to put on new harddisks. Previously, I had a 500GB with win7 and a 1TB with win8, they were working nicely and I could boot from either of them. I had a 3TB HD on hand, which I was planning to install as an extension to my storage, so I backed up both HDs (the 500GB, and the 1TB) on it.

Since win8.1 is available I decided to give it a try and bought a new 1TB for it, installed the same win8 I had and updated it to win 8.1 through the app store.

Now, in an attempt to get my old win8 with all the software I had installed, I bought another 1TB and cloned the partition that I backed up previously on the 3TB to the new 1TB.

Finally, here is my question:

Can I configure the old win8 to dual boot with the new win8.1 (although they are basically the same windows since they use the same key)?

I ran bootrec /scanos from the win8.1 disc and it sees three OSs 1) win8.1, 2) win8 on the 3TB, and 3) win8 on the 1TB.

Running bootrec /rebuildbcd adds win8.1 and one of the win8 (I don't know which one) to the boot menu (the other win8 couldn't be added), but selecting the win8 option just reboots the PC.

How can I make my old win8 run??

Sorry if my post was long, and thanks in advance...
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  1. SOLVED!!!! thanks to easyBCD
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