dont know what to delete so i can back up and cant aford a extarnal hard drive can any one recomend a good cheap one till i ge

hi can any body recomened im afraid to delete some programes on my dell 531 desktop inspiron ,is there a good external hard drive that is not expensive,Just till i can save up and get a new computer,if any body has any advice or recomendations it would be very Apreshated,Thank you people have a nice evening ,V
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  1. Define "not expensive".

    As far as uninstalling programs or files....What is on there that you don't need anymore?
  2. This is about the least expensive portable HDD I've seen that would be big enough to use for a total backup of the system:
    Win7 can make a compressed system image with its backup app. It won't be as large as your C: drive is right now.
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