two systems to compare, need your thoughts :)

so ive had my heart set on an i5 4670k as im going to be gaming and i came up with this system but later on this week i was asked to price up a rig for £400 i managed to do it and include an i5 4670k this got me thinking for the price of my original build that came to £900 wiith a gtx 670 i could get a gtx 780

so here they are:

GTX 780 rig:

GTX 670 rig:

thanks in advance :)
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  1. The 2nd one didn't show up for me. But in the 1st build, I'd consider getting a bit bigger PSU.
  2. Computer case is not for home builds, they're used for testing purposes. Change the case to something else.
    Get a better hard drive. Either Western Digital or Seagate
  3. I'm definitely getting that case as I love test benches and i'm set on an ssd, this is the updated setup although it doesn't have a gpu i have a 7770 lying around i can use:
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    Yeah looks pretty good - nice bench too for testing on.
  5. Great looking build. Glad to see you went with a good quality 750W PSU in case you want to go with 2 gfx cards in the future. But it seems a shame to put the lowly HD 7770 in such a powerhouse CPU/MB combo. Are you a gamer?
  6. Anonymous said:

    Excellent. Great card.

    Going to be hard keeping the dust and debris off components with that bench case, though. But I can relate to your desire to have an open easily modifiable rig. Often thought about it myself.
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