Best SATA ports on ASUS M5A99X evo r2 for an SSD

I have an Asus m5a99x evo r2 motherboard, are there any specific ports that I should use for an SSD, there is nothing about that in the manual.
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  1. No they are all native on the same controller but the best practice is to have the OS drive on the lowest No slot, be it 0 or 1.
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    I use sata 0+1 for the boot drive, 2+3 for storage/programs HDD, followed by 6 then 5 for optical drives. This leaves room to raid the boot drive or or a storage array.

    Make sure you have the sata type set to ahci, sata4/5 type set to same as..., and sata6gb/s support enabled (which is the default if I remember right)

    Install windows to the ssd with just the ssd & optical installed.
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