Mouse freezes every few seconds after starting up my computer

Hi, I have build this computer around 7 months ago and for the past 2 months or so my mouse freezes for about a second every 5 seconds but it only does that for about 1-2 minutes, then it goes back to normal. And this only happens after I startup my computer.

If I startup my computer and don't touch it for about a minute before using it, the mouse doesn't freeze.

It never really bothered me since it stops after 1-2 minutes and never freezes again until the next time where I startup my computer, but I'm still wondering what the problem is. (I'ts not the mouse, I tried 2 different one)

Any advice on what it could be or how I could find what the problem is? Thanks

Edit: And its really only the mouse, if I'm on YouTube while its happening the video doesn't stop and I can still type.
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    I had the same issue with my workstation. There is something about the USB initialization in the BIOS that continues to cycle the mouse control on and off briefly after startup. I resolved the issue by cycling through the USB initialization options in the bios.
  2. Thanks I'l try that out.
  3. Didn't work, it still freezes when I opened my computer today.. Any more advices?
  4. any more advice?
  5. Trying to find out. So far all I can see other than the methods I outlined before were people reporting unistalling and reinstalling or simply updating the software that came with the mouse. I'll keep looking.
  6. I had this same issue and found I had to put the wireless receiver for my mouse on a short usb extension cable. It was picking up interference from the pc internals apparently.
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