WD10EARS Western Digital Ext Drive Power Blew and won't work

Recently used a power cord that was not compatible with the drive -- POP!!!!! Tried the correct cord, different outlet, etc... and it won't turn on. I used the WD Smartware and it looks like there is data/files on the drive. I don't know how to get the files off the drive and can't afford to send to a data recovery center (out of work). I was able to remove the drive from the case (step 1) but I don't know where to go from there. I'm hoping to get the files (lots of pix and video of when my kids were little). Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. Other than connecting it to your pc and another internal drive you will need to purchase a drive adapter, dock, or enclosure.

    It sounds like you have it connected. Copy and paste would be one way to get the files off.

    So I think you must be getting an error or something.

    Perhaps you dont know where the files are located. Most often they are in your user folder, typically located in the USERS folder then under your old USERNAME and then in PICTURES .
    This is dependent on what OS you were running and/or what photo album software you may have been using.
  2. My laptop does not recognize the external drive. When I did a scan, it shows it as a Toshiba drive (I'm using a Gateway). The drive is a 1T and the scan shows it as 600G still available (which seems about right), Do you think I should also look into getting a replacement circuit board (since the power blew and it does not turn on). Do you have a recommendation of where to purchase a drive adapter (link/site) that you mentioned in your previous post? I bought the I/O Magic IDE/SATA Drive Enclosure today to try to swap out the drive and get another power source. I realized this is for a 2.0 not a 3.0 (don't think it's compatible) and the positioning of the power source is in a different location.
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    Need additional information.

    You have removed your external hard drive from its enclosure?

    Is it a 2.5" (Laptop) hard drive or 3.5" (Desktop)?

    The power supply you blew is 12V 2A DC from a wall socket or was it the actual enclosure that made the POP?
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