Windows giving a black screen after booting?!

I have two persistent problems going on for more than w weeks and thought they might be solved by installing a new copy of windows but no such luck, The first is my computer would sometimes freeze and I have no restart button so I shut it down and they when I boot it would take 2 minutes to show the booting screen ( The first black one which shows you the CPU and Memory) and after it would ask me to either restart windows normally or to use system repair or sometimes to delete the system restore point and go to normal start windows, after the windows screen comes up the screen would go dim and nothing would start, the second problem my windows would sometimes for no apparent reason would stop recognizing my usb controller and I have to restart to have it read again.
I have windows 7 64 bit with all updates installed and SP1. (Maybe just some Net Frameworks didn't update)
I installed avast internet security 8 I think which is very good actually. (Updated also)
MY PC is core 2 due E7500 2.93 GHz
4 GB of RAM
Motherboard G41m-Combo GIgabyte
Graphics Card is Ge-force GT 240 ddr 5 1 GB ( My components is a bit old but was running really charming) I changed the original fan because it has stopped working but the new one is working just fine actually.
Mostly my PC's temp is very well and cool and my power supply is 400 watts.
Any help on this is much appreciated, Thank you.
P.S. Just one last thing, my PC doesn't make the beep sound anymore when it starts.
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    Have you tried accessing BIOS? Is the time and date correctly reported there?

    I'm thinking that this may be a CMOS battery issue.
  2. @ himnextdoor Will try this as of now, I''l keep you posted, thank you for your reply, hope it will work :)
  3. The cmos battery is fine shows correct time and date, any other idea?!
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