Sapphire 280X "Dual-X" OC VS Asus DC2T 280X

Is there a performance difference between them ?

Both cards are priced the same in my country. [390$]

The catch here is that my case [HAF 912] only has MAX Video length = 10.6'' [with HDD CAGE] 15.4'' [without HDD CAGE]
and Sapphire 280X = 10.32'' Asus 280X = 11.2''

So by going for sapphire i saved on my future HDD's

tl;dr is there a noticeable performance difference between the 2 cards?
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  1. The Asus is 50MHz faster. which is nothing. You can OC these GPUs a lot more than that.
    So either one will server you will.
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