Network players not seeing NAS upnp media servers

I have two NAS devices (a ReadyNAS Duo & a Buffalo Terastation), both with DNLA/uPNP servers, connected to my router by ethernet

I have two media players, a Philips NP1100 & a Pure Evoke Flow radio, that connect to the router over wifi. The players have been able to see the servers and play tracks from them for a couple of years without a problem. Recently, the NAS servers have started to disappear from the list of servers the media players say they can see. Last week, I rebooted the router and they came back for a couple of days, but now they've gone again.

Oddly though, the players can see my wifi connected Windows 7 laptop's WMP, which has been configured to share with the network.

When I connect my WIndows 7 laptop via wifi, it can see the shares on the NASs (these show up under "computers" in My Network Place), but not their media servers. If I switch the laptop to an ethernet connection, the shares disappear from My Network Places, but the NASs pop up in the Media Devices section... I am getting very confused!

The laptop and the two NASs are all part of the same workgroup, the router (a Belkin N600) is less than two years old.

How can I get back to having the servers seen by the players over wifi? HELP Please!
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  1. Well, swapping out the Belkin router for a different one has resulted in everything working as it should. So, it's something to be do with the Belkin. I'll try to do some diagnosis and report back.
  2. It seems to be a problem with the internal tables of the Belkin. After enabling "self-heal" which reboots & reinitialises the router, things have been improved. The NAS servers now appear as "computers" in My Network Places, and my players can connect to them again. I've had to set "self-heal" to run three times a week, as once wasn't enough.
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