Is RAID support required if you're using an SSD+HDD?

A lot of people these days seem to use an SSD for the OS+large programs, and an HDD for storing everything else. I'm wondering, do you need to get a motherboard that supports RAID for that?
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  1. No, you don't need RAID for what you're talking about.

    RAID is only for mirroring/striping data across multiple drives.
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    No, not at all.

    RAID is using 2 or more disks as a single volume.

    People that are doing that (SSD for boot / HDD for storage) need separate volumes.

    Also, with a RAID you need identical disks for it to work.
  3. You would need Raid if you are using Rapid Storage Technology where the SSD caches the HDD
  4. I see. Thanks for the answers!
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