Old CPU advise FX4170 Will it bottleneck?

So im building a new computer and giving my misses my old one, specs are as follows;

FX4170 @ 4.4GHz
8GB 1333MHz
MSI 760 GM - P23 Motherboard

Yes its a terrible build very low end but Im going to get a better cooler (212 EVO) and OC it to 4.8 to 5ghz IF I can and put a R9 270x in there, will I see any bottleneck towards the GPU at all? Im spending close to a grand on my new build so this is all I can think of in terms of getting as much as I can out of this system for the price. Any opinions will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Actually that cpu isn't that bad, it shouldn't bottleneck a 270x.
  2. The FX 4 series are not too great when it comes to gaming, especially if you're planning on playing next gen games in higher resolutions. I would suggest an upgrade on the CPU to at least an FX 8 series.

    On the other hand if you plan to keep settings low and not push it too far than an overclocked 4170 should hold up okay with pretty decent framerates. As long as you keep the settings on standard.
  3. Thats good news, Im not going to push things hard graphically Id just like it playable at 1080p.
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    Yeah, you should be fine with a 270x then.
  5. In an ideal world id upgrade the CPU+mobo but unfortunately I just do not have the funds, I'm not after Ultra graphics game play just something smooth enough to make it playable for my misses and prise her away from console gaming. But if she does decide its not for her at least I haven't broken the bank on my endeavour. Its cheap of me I know but also by trying to squeeze as much as I can out of the CPU i can learn how to overclock better so its a win win I think.
  6. Awesome cheers, the other half will be pleased.

    Thanks mate.
  7. No problem, hope it goes well, seems like a pretty good build.
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