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I'm pretty good with computer hardware and software, but knowledge in networking is a bit lacking, and i've never really needed to do remote work before.

I'm building a home network. My job requires me to work outide the country a lot of times, and my girlfriend is not good with computers. I want to be able to log into the home network and get to all of the devices on the network so I can check the status of things, change settings, etc. I don't (at this time) need to be able to remote desktop into a computer, but that feature probably would be helpful at some point.

Network will consist of:

Verizon FIOS modem/router
HP 1910-48g switch
Asus AC68u
Possibly 1 more wireless router (used as a WAP with NAT and DHCP disabled)
Synology 1813+
Intel NUC (HTPC, running Openelec and XBMC)

So from a different country, i need to be able to log into the web interfaces of the NAS, the modem/router, the switch, the wireless access point, files on the synology as well as Nab and sickbeard, etc.

From what i've read, I know i need to set up static IP's for most of the main devices like the synology and the wireless and stuff. And need to set up DNS to log into the router.

My questions are:

1) Will I indeed be able to access everything on the network?
2) Will I need to set up port forwarding and stuff on both the router and the switch, or just the router?
3) Once logged into the router remotely, is it as simple as changing the IP address to the device I want to look at?
4) Does anyone have a good configuration guide for a setup like this?
5) If i want to set up remote desktop for a particular computer, would you just recommend using windows software, or 3rd party software?

Thank you
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    If you set up your main PC to run TeamViewer and monitor all of the systems it is easy to access over the internet and use. It doesn't need a static IP and it is free for non-commercial use.
  2. I'm affraid keeping my main computer on 24/7 would cost way too much money. If there was a teamviewer app on synology it might work, but I don't happen to see one.
  3. You can always ask your girlfriend to turn it on when required, it will start up on boot and let you log in to windows remotly
  4. that's true. Let's assume I want a 24/7 sollution without the computer being on though.
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