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So you can set the fan speed for when the CPU temp is below 40C and when its above a configurable temp. My question is what happens in the middle?

Right now my case fan speed is 60% when my CPU temp is below 40C and 100% above 55C. So what happens at 41C-54C? A steady curve upward from 60%? The Asus manual and BIOS sure is shyte when it comes to info.

Thanks for any help.
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    If you look at the Asus AI Suit you can see how it "graphs" the fan speed. Basically, the closer you get to 55 the closer the fan speed will get to 100% until it reaches that threshold. So, if your CPU is at 50% your fan speed may be running about 80% give or take.
  2. Your probably right even though the BIOS and the AI Suite are technically different. It make sense as I can hear the fans ramping up when I'm over 40C, but not to 100%. My Fractal Design case makes it hard to hear sometimes as that is what they are known for.
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