i dont know what size fittings to use

I've been building my computer since July and have just now decided I want to do water cooling my problem is that i have a pretty short attention span and i dont know what fittings work with what and the only thing i know is that ive been looking at monsoon fittings and havent understood the numbers ive also got all the things i wanted to get not knowing if they would work together or not so heres my list i copy pasted

EK-MultiOption RES X3 150 - Liquid Cooling Reservoir - White Acetal (6 Total Ports)

EK ASUS GeForce 780 GTX DCII VGA Liquid Cooling Block - Acetal + Nickel (EK-FC780 GTX DCII - Acetal+Nickel)

EK ASUS GeForce 780 GTX DCII VGA Liquid Cooling RAM Backplate - Black CSQ (EK-FC780 GTX DCII Backplate - Black)

Swiftech MCP655 Variable Speed 12v Water Pump w/ G1/4 Thread Ports (Perfectly Tapped)
Pump Style: Swiftech MCP655 Variable Speed

Swiftech Apogee HD High Performance 4-Port CPU Waterblock - White - Intel (w/ LGA 2011 Hardware) / AMD Ready**

Swiftech MCRx40 "Quiet Power" Dual 140mm Radiator - Black

Swiftech MCR120-XP eXtreme Performance 120mm Slim Radiator

and heres my specs for the hell of it

Asus Maximus 6 Hero

intel i7 4770k

corsair tx750m

evga 780sc

corsair vengence 2x4gb 1600mhz

all packed in my Fractal R4

sorry for making this so long
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    Long story short, unless your cooling blocks specifically say otherwise, you're using G1/4 thread (it's a British measurement, who knows why that's what we chose to work with), so find fittings that have a G1/4 thread and are whatever ID you want your tubing to be. So if you're using 3/4 OD x 5/8 ID then you want G1/4 5/8" fittings.

    Not meaning to sound like a jerk, but I personally don't have time to go through all of your items and check to see if they work with each other. Chances are they do, G1/4 is the go to standard for almost all water cooling components. I've given you what you need to know. If you have any other questions, I'm glad to help.
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