what exactly is hyper v client used for

ok, heres my plan i would like to use a tablet say while sitting on the couch but be using the resources of my computer in the office tom do all the proccesing and such.

im not sure what this would be called or if it can even be done, can this be done? if so whats it called?

also is getting windows 8.1 pro over windows 8.1 home usefull for doing such task i notice3d windows 8.1 pro version have hyper v, not sure if this is wghat it is or not
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    Basically any remote desktop client will do what you're asking. Miracast is a good one, google makes a good one... I don't know which ones will work on tablets; do a little research, but that's what you're looking for.

    Hyper V is a virtualization client if you're running virtual operating systems. (Think using Wine to run windows within Linux.)

    There's no benefit to upgrading, don't worry about it.
  2. Hyper V is Windows 8.1's built in Virtual Machine software.
    Much like Virtual PC for Windows 7, but with a lot more features and functions.
    It requires a CPU that supports SLAT
    Open CMD and type systeminfo. Next to Hyper-V, all of them have to say Yes for it to work.
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