Would OCing an i7 4770k improve WoW FPS at all?

I am curious as to whether or not I would get a performance increase in WoW if I were to OC an i7 4770k.
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  1. I wouldn't say so. Your GPU is more likely to be the bottleneck. Your current CPU should be enough the way it is already for this game.

    Edit: You might see a few FPS, but to get full potential a GPU overclock or upgrade would be needed.
  2. 660ti is not good enough?
  3. thatpcguy said:
    660ti is not good enough?

    It should be just fine. What I am saying is, that it would be the bottleneck in the system that does not let you FPS go higher. Getting a new links (4770K OC'ed) in a chain but leaving one weaker link (GTX 660Ti), will still lack strength because of that one link, if that makes sense.
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    thatpcguy said:
    660ti is not good enough?

    Why not OC your current CPU?

    WoW does not care about HT, and does not care about a lot of cores, it does care about having FAST cores. OC what you have, and you should see a big improvement in crowded areas. That is assuming you don't have your settings to high for your GPU.
  5. Even though this question is solved I want to add that WoW can get insanely CPU intensive if you go into 25 man raids. WoW runs great on a lot of hardware if you're out in the wild, but having many people on screen or lots of spell effects in raiding will put a SERIOUS strain on your CPU.

    I have an i5 2500 (3.3Ghz) and an OC GTX770 and whilst the GPU is complete overkill for WoW I do dip below 30 fps sometimes when I am in very crowded areas. Do not underestimate the CPU hunger of WoW.
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