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building a new gaming rig its only my 3rd build ever and it as been a while. my question is on what to go with a mobo with a 2011 socket or a 1155 been getting a lot of mix reviews on it some say to go with the i74930k(2011) and others are saying its over kill to stick to an i5(1155). looking for the best for gaming it dose seem like the 1155 socket mobo are more tords gaming then the 2011 socket mobo. and then there's the price. so my question is build a gaming rig with a mobo 1150 or 2011 and if its a 1155 do i go with an i5 or i7 ? any and all the help on this matter will help thanks (also my two main games i play or battle field and wow if this matters at all
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    I'd go the 1150 socket and a 4670K CPU, not sure of budget, but if were thinking a 4930K then the Asus Maximus VI Hero should fit well within your budget, - the 4670K and the Hero will make an awesome gaming rig, the Hero was my choice, but went to the 4770K for the Hyper Threading that some of the apps I use can use
  2. well if it is just gaming then yes, an extreme series i7 (socket 2011) would be complete and total overkill. Even an i7 4770 would be overkill. If you plan on doing some heavily multithreaded tasks like video editing/encoding ect... then get a 4770, otherwise if all you want to do is game get an i5.
  3. thanks for the help....
  4. No worries, let us know how it goes
  5. will do one question as im getting a little unsure on this will this work i know i do not need 32 gigs would not mind going down too 16 gigs never really have understood memory would like to keep it black and red if poss on the memory but not a must.
  6. The Hero will handle about any DRAM, your DRAM link isn't working but I'd suggest the GSkill Tridents, might look at 16GB of most anywhere from 1600-2400
  7. I'm not quite sure what you are asking here. It might be that you tried linking two parts but only the motherboard got linked twice.
  8. thanks that what i tryed to link was the gskill and someone was telling me i should run 4 sticks and not two sticks of memory something about it runs better that way ? so for instance instead of 2 8 gig sticks i should go with 4 4 gig sticks is this true and if so why did not really understand where he was comming from. and thanks again guys you have made this a cake walk for me :-)
  9. NO! a 2x combo is best on all rigs except the X79 which takes true quad channel and the older X58 which is a tri channel mobo - for 16GB on 1155 or 1150 or AMD 2x8GB is best for 16GB 2x4GB for 8, two sticks is less stress on the MC (memory controller) than 4 sticks
  10. ok so here it is build let me know what you guys think.
    anything you guys see out of place or dose not work/best for mobo/cpu plz let me know not to sure on the memory as its saying its best paird with a 3570k but if all is well this is what im ordering. thanks for your guys help :-) \
  11. Looks sweet, you'll love it ;)
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