Battlefield 4 PC disc?

Hi, I pre-ordered bf4 on PC but for disc, and was wondering if I have to have the CD inside every time I play or I can just install through disc, thanks!
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    Most games these days are tied to things like Steam accounts or something like that, you have to be logged into one of those services to play, in BF4's case it would be Origin. PC games haven't had disc checks for years, as they proved to be pretty ineffective in preventing copying, as they could be easily circumvented. These days, if you do get a physical copy, you just install the game from the disc, take the disc out and let it collect dust on your shelf for the rest of eternity.
  2. Supernova pretty much answered your question.

    Short answer is no you just need Origin.

    Just something I want to add that Supernova said that might confuse you, while it is true you need to be logged on and connected to the internet (the first time/ while installing) you can play the game without it by playing offline...

    However I am unsure who play BF4 singleplayer since it's mostly a multiplayer game.
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