New GPU in working system does not display

So, I've read like every thread on Tom's and I haven't had an exact problem like mine. Some similar but not quite the same.

I have an HP mb with a new Gigabyte AMD HD 6670 2GB ddr3 PCIe 2.1 GPU. Have been gaming on the onboard for quite some time (AMD Radeon HD 4200). And finally after I got the money, got a freaking video card. Installed into the only PCIe slot i have and when i went to boot, nothing happened. I have checked and tried everything imaginable, BUT i did notice that my stock PSU is an ABYSMAL 250w. Now I'm getting a 750w but I wanted to make sure that once I fixed that issue I wouldn't have other bs problems.

After I originally installed I booted and sleep mode deactivated, BUT nothing but a black screen was displayed... no windows, no boot, no nothing. Ok, so then I plugged monitor back into onboard and installed driver suite. Now monitor or Device Manager doesn't recognize card.

In boot setup monitor is set to PCIe and not onboard. Doesn't matter. Disabled onboard, didn't work. Removed onboard drivers, didn't work. Made sure GPU is seated like a champ. Power getting to everything(don't know how). Don't think it's the slot cuz originally did activate monitor. Card doesn't require external power, runs off MB. Connected via VGA.

I know that one of my issues is my power supply. I'm fixing that, but with all the research i've done i've got a feeling i'm going to run into some other bull stuff after I fix the psu.

Anyone know anything about the card I have?

I also read the list of things to do before posting this.

Also, even with weak sauce psu gpu should still display right?

Thanks in advance for any help.

~ Adrian
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  1. What PCIe version is the X16 slot on the board? If it is version 1.x then it is an old no video with card that is ver 2.1!
  2. rolli59 said:
    What PCIe version is the X16 slot on the board? If it is version 1.x then it is an old no video with card that is ver 2.1!

    I've been trying to find out that information but am having a hard time doing that. But I do know that PCIe is all backwards compatible so I know the card should work.

    Just found that my PCIe slot is 2.0
  3. It should but in 2009 when AMD/ATI introduced the HD5xxx line we first saw ver 2.1 cards. This forum was full of this none video issue some board makers fixed some of their boards with a BIOS update but not nearly all. BIOS fix for that issue has to be from after Sept 2009 to address this issue.
  4. Oh ok, i will run a bios updater just to make sure then.
  5. My bios version date is 9/7/2010. So it should be good right?

    Running a foxconn 2ab1 mb
    Bios is American Megatrends 6.04
  6. Yes it should. Can you check the card in another computer to make sure it is working?
  7. Unfortunately I do not. It is a brand new card so I was hoping I wasen't going to have to go through a return process and what not. I haven't recieved my new PSU yet but that should account for the current problem right?
  8. Maybe maybe not, there is still a chance that the PCIe issue remains or that the card was DOA.
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