How much do you think this pc is worth?

Hey guy's I'm trying to sell my custom built computer and I keep getting people telling me it's not worth what I'm asking.(1300 obo) saying it's worth like 500. So I thought I'd get some input from you guy's..The specs are
cpu-i7 3770k oc'd at 4.5 ghz,
cpu cooler-hyper 212 evo
gpu-gigabyte radeon hd 7970 oc
ram-16 gb corsair vengeance 1600 MHz
hdd-10,000 rpm velociraptor 1 tb
hdd 2-7200 rpm western digital 1 tb
motherboard-asrock z77 extreme6
power supply-thermaltake 850 watt
dvd drive-light on super allwright
case-nzxt phantom full tower atx
I know it doesn't have an ssd I just don't worry much about boot times and I like to have several games installed at one time lol. Btw the computer is about 6 months old and hasn't been used a whole lot. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!
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  1. 1300 is overkill, I'd say more around 800-850
  2. Okay, here's your problem. People aren't going to want to buy something that's been overclocked. That seriously hurts your value.
    The reason for that is there's no way of telling if you did it safely at all or if you've damaged the parts.

    Also, as for the SSD, you realize you can install games to a drive that's not your primary C drive, right? You shouldn't pass one up; they do a LOT more than just speed up boot times.

    But here's the deal. With all the parts being brand new, the PC would cost about 1.2K without the velociraptor and overpriced, 16GB of RAM, which are not value-adds for most people. Then discount it about 30-40% for it being used, overclocked, and generation-old technology, and you're looking at selling it for about $800 if you want it to move quickly, or $900 if you don't mind letting it sit there for a while. $500 is rather low-ball, and they're probably just trying to get a really good deal out of you.

    One thing to consider is parting it out. I do that with most old computers I'm trying to move, and while you're usually left with one or two parts left over that you have to eat the cost on, you move everything faster and usually get more money... most people aren't going to want the configuration you have, but someone looking for, for example, a 1TB velociraptor, will snap up yours used quite quickly.

    Considering that you can now pretty easily build a faster, much smaller rig brand new for just slightly more money, I'm thinking you're being a little optimistic, sorry to say.
  3. Retail looks like maybe $1100, plus OS. You have one of those, yes? A legal one? Used, you will need to knock some off, so ~$900 is reasonable. $500 is a low ball, but $1300 probably won't happen for a used system.
  4. Thanks for the replies guy's and yeah I didn't particularly expect to get 1300 but would like to get at least 1000 and yes I do have a legal os and would do a fresh windows install for the buyer. I will probably keep it for under a thousand not in a real hurry to sell it.
  5. ^Again, you could part it out and make that $1000 pretty easily. Plus then you could keep the OS for your next build.
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