USB ports burning out flash drives

Hi there
I built a PC for a friend, I installed a M5A97 2.0 LE Motherboard
I tested everything and it worked fine so I gave it to him to use.
He used it for a short while, and complained that the PC was burning out flash drives.
(and these are the usb ports on the motherboard)
I didn't believe him cause I had never heard of that before. so I took it back to check it out and sure enough it burns out the flash drives so after playing with it and no success I decided to replace the motherboard, I though it had fixed the problem cause it worked for a little while and now its doing the same thing! I am very frustrated as I cant seem to find an answer anywhere
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  1. As you say these are rear motherboard ports?
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    You should test the power supply.

    If the motherboard has USB Power then its coming directly from the PSU's 5V which may be too high.

    Double check USB isnt overclocked in BIOS and that voltages in BIOS are default.
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