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Hey there-
I am trying to record some minecraft gameplay with FRAPS.
WIthout recording, I get around 300 FPS.
The second I record, I drop to 56 FPS.
No matter what FPS I get, I always drop to the same FPS while recording. I currently have a 4.6 GHZ 2500k, SLI 770's, and two SSD's. Any help!?
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  1. What settings are you recording with? And do you have framerate lock on?
  2. Full-Size.
    I have tried with framerate lock on and off, however I still get poor performance.
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    Have you tried raising the recording fps? I found in some games that a lower recording fps seems to limit the game fps as well. I do have an idea though. Try opening fraps and minecraft, then going to task manager processes and setting the affinity of minecraft (jawaw or something like that) to just 0 and the affinity of fraps to the others. Since minecraft only really uses one core, it could possibly that fraps is trying to hog the same core, and since minecraft is a pretty CPU dependent game they could be getting in each others way. Fraps is notorious for FPS drops tho. But if I could record and get 70 fps with a core 2 duo and an HD5450 you should definitely be able to as well.
  4. Since you got 770 why not try using shadow play?
  5. renz496 said:
    Since you got 770 why not try using shadow play?

    I didn't even think of that. I second his suggestion. However if you want to record your own audio (as in your voice) you'll have to use another program and put the two together later. Unless they added that feature already.
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