Upgrading from 2x SLI GTX460s, need help choosing a card

The title says a good bit. Basically right now I am running a roughly 3 year old rig and I am looking to make some upgrades soon. My GTX 460s are starting to show their age a bit and I'm looking to move up.

I am currently only playing on a single 1080p monitor but am planning for a future of either dual 1080p monitors or moving to a higher res monitor (2560x1440 probably) and I want to be able to pretty much max out everything if I can.

I have been leaning toward the r9 290x since it was announced, but I'm waiting for non-reference models with better cooling. What I'm curious about is whether the 290x is overkill or probably just a good way to "futurproof" (as much as can be done at least) my system.

So far the 290x seems to be the best price/performance balance I have seen, although if the 290 ends up at the speculated price point, I might consider it instead.

Anyone have any helpful input?

EDIT: Also, I will add I'm not averse to going the Nvidia route again...it just seems that with the recent announcements, AMD is a little bit ahead.
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  1. If you were looking for AMD cards, they did recently just release new top of the line cards available for purchase. You might want to consider that option. However, if you are running 2560x1440 you may want to buy two of the same or something similar. You would really need all the performance you can get.
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