After factory reset and clean install laptop will not get past first screen. Windows 7

I have a laptop easy note TJ74 bought it from laptops direct 9 months ago and had nothing but trouble with it. Anyway tonight did a factory reset. I took all my bits off onto a usb stick with the packard bell back up files prog. However seemed to work I installed zone alarm anti v and firewall. I got rid of norton 60 day free trial as I've had nothing but trouble with norton over the years, on many diff machines. Plus Zone alarm is free, and pretty damned good. Feel like crying now though, it worked then it went mad with flashing sign saying something on blue screen. Tried everything and nothing will work. 8 hours I've been working on it. Give me xp anyday. Hate this nonsense with W7. To recap exactly. Been hanging and crashing for months. Followed instructions and did factory reset. It seemed to work and kept telling me it was loading 33 diff things. I went on the internet put in my password. All good then it crashed so I restarted it come up and wouldn't work. SO I pressed repair. I did that two hours ago. Stillnothing but a black screen. I wish I'd never done the factory reset now I bought this remember from laptops direct and the bloody CD and DVD burner won't work. This looks pretty or did now it's falling to bits, that's about it. I built a tower for a friend 10 years ago and he's still using it.
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  1. Lucky friend......
    Have you tried getting it on in safe mode or with only selective drivers....?
    What have the results been?
  2. Safe mode won't work either. Since I did install it's dead. What I have done is put 2 gig of memory from it into my old dell with xp pro on it. It has keys missing a strange line across the screen but still works better than that ever has!! I got had off it's got to happen at least once! Thanks for asking though. Going to take it to bits go to local shop and ask if they will part ex motherboard etc. off a used Toshiba. I'd tried all the safe modes etc. when I was trying to get it to work. Laptops direct I curse you for cheating people. I'm one of many.
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