Router to combine two Internet connectioons

I recently moved to a new area with two ISP options:

DSL via max speed 7Mbps
Wireless Antenna via max speed 15Mbps

I signed up for both services to try to compensate for what I lost in my old area I had Comcast at 55Mbps.

I am wondering if there is a router (setup) I could run both connections into to create one wireless network that could help balance the traffic. I have about 15-20 wireless devices on the network at any one time with up to 3 streaming video and 3 surfing the web or gaming.

Any thoughts or recommendations are appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. Yes. What you want is a load balancing router.
  2. Deuce65 said:
    Yes. What you want is a load balancing router.

    Ok is there one you would recommend?
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    Look for a Cisco small business router, the 800, 1900, or 2900 series. Any one of those will do what you want.
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