Can please someone can explain what is clock frequency in processors?

I know its fairly simple , but i have trouble to understand this simple clock frequency step. Can someone explain in simple words what is clock frequency in Processors?
And which component of processor are responsible to generate clock frequency? is there any tiny crystal which do that?
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    Wikipedia will answer all your questions and more:

    Basically, it's the speed of the processor. However, IT DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING. You can only use it to compare speeds between two CPUs in the same family - an intel chip running at 3.4GHz, for example, might well be faster than an AMD chip running at 4.0GHz, because the intel chip is more efficient, meaning it gets more work done per tick as compared to the amd chip.
  2. k which component generates clock, is that theoretical thing ?
  3. From the wikipedia article I posted, in the first sentence of the first paragraph:

    The clock rate of a CPU is normally determined by the frequency of an oscillator crystal.

    Just out of curiosity, why are you asking?
  4. k i got my answer thanks
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