Will a i5 4570 with a r9 280X OC bottleneck heavily modded Skyrim?

I've heard Skyrim is pretty CPU intensive, and was wondering if using my 4570 (@ 3.6GHz Turbo) would bottleneck my R9 280X OC.
I'm looking to use mods such as 2K textures, ENBs, lighting overhauls, grass and tree mods, water mods, and basic HD retextures.

Other specs: 8gb 1600 RAM
1080p display

I just want an average of 50fps~
anyone know? thanks.
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  1. No, you will be fine :)
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    any core i5 is good for skyrim. the only thing to watch out for is VRAM useage, i have heard some mods can be very taking on this. if you go over the amount of vram available in your graphics card performance will decrease significantly, and you can get stuttering as data transfers back from system to video memory. the 280x is a 3gb card so it should do pretty well. You have picked a well balanced setup for this game.
  3. I think even the 270X shouldn't give any problems upto 20-30 less demanding mods and around 10 high demanding mods.
    So yeah the 280X is more than enough :)
  4. thank you all.
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