i5-3350P w/ Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H LGA 1155 Motherboard good combo?

Budget building using an existing Gigabyte board with a cheap i5 Ivy Bridge CPU for my Nephew, a little concerned since some seem to be saying I will need to up-date the Bios to get this board to recognize the i5-3350P CPU.
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  1. Here are links to the Mobo and processor I am using:


    CPU- (was only $169.99 when I bought mine, price has gone up)

    I will be using the existing 16 GB of DDR3 PC 1060 RAM, EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Graphics card that came with my Ibuypower system.

    This will be going into a new tower with a 500w PSU.

    I am up-grading my own system with a new MSI MSI Z77A-G45 Gaming mobo & 16GB of Patriot DDR3 PC1866 RAM, so my nephew is getting the original mobo & RAM that I am using now.
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    To get the proper support for that CPU, it requires BIOS version F10. So yeah run a quick update there, and as far as the CPU/mobo combo you're getting. It should hold up quite while in gaming. The GTX 560 on a z77 chip should make for a nice combo.

    Each component should do its job well but in the future, I might get a PSU with a slightly higher wattage in the future, especially considering how cheap they're getting. You can pick up a decent one for around $60-80
  3. Great, thanks Nitro192, and I agree, I would be using a bit more $$$ for the build however I am trying to stay as close to a $500 budget as possible.

    It's been some years since the last time I built my own system, would up-dating the bios be possible now and not effect the performance of my current i7-3750k?

    I'm getting the new mobo Friday, but should have everything else today, would love having that ready to go sooner rather than later.

    Here are the components the "new" system will have in total including my current mobo:

    Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H LGA 1155 mobo- (the one I am currently using now in my system)

    i5-3350P CPU-

    Seagate 7,200 RPM 500GB HD w/16 MB Cache

    16GB Generic DDR3 (been working fine for 8-9 months in this system) 1060Mhz RAM

    WIN 8.1 Full Version (been told this newest OS will recognize more cores of the CPU and possibly allow it to run faster?)

    I also have a unopened syringe of thermal paste that is about a year old but looks ok, should I buy some new to be safe?
  4. 550w XFX is a pretty good PSU for the $$$ as is the Seasonic 620w units. Bios update should do nothing with regards to your performance. I would do it now and get it over with. Win 7 will see the cores just the same as 8.1. Supposedly Win 8 is a bit faster, but I personally cannot stand metro, so I stick with my Win 7 ultimate for now. Thermal paste should be good.
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