About to build a new gaming PC- thoughts on my spec

Cosmos 2 case
2 sli 780 asus(was thinking about the 290x - however the 780's have just come down £100.00!!)
gigabyte g1 sniper 5(supposedly has amazing graphics already on board and looks like it could be a few years future proof). Does this card have problems with asus 780's?
16 gig vulcan red 1600
samsung 840 (120g)- Is the pro version worth it?
3tb barracuda HD
ocz 80 gold 1000 watt power supply
I already have a dell 27 inch 1440p monitor which is awesome, but that is the main reason for the dual graphics
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  1. when i started graphics on board i meant AUDIO!
  2. budget pl

    take a look at phantek primo

    single gtx 780/r9 290x would be enough for 1440p monitor

    get an extra audio card if sound is important to you
  3. You'd want a better quality PSU with a build like this. Look at Seasonic,XFX,corsair or antec PSUs.
    And 8gb ram is enough for gaming. Unless you're rendering stuff.Then 16gb is fine.
  4. Thanks so far guys. I am differently going to buy one 780 to start with and see how it goes, There is no point getting 2 yet. But I will upgrade later, and by then the GPU's may only be 300.

    However my main concern is building a rig that is going to last 5 years plus.. so I want a MOBO that lasts a long time and has the space to potential quad sli. And I also want to make sure I am buying the right GPU so I don't have to switch it(just add on one more when needed)

    On this gigabyte MOBO, it supposedly has the equivalent of a 100 pound plus Audio card anyway plus untold more features

    The upgrade(extra gpu's) is definitely going to happen at the point when either games demand it, or I go to a triple 1440p monitor set up or go for a 4k individual monitor(when they become affordable),

    but I don't want to have to upgrade anything else- bar adding extra GPU's.

    I may go for a really expensive PSU, however I was told this one was pretty decent for the price.
  5. buuuudget

    quad gpu is useless.
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