AMD 7770, 7790, or NVIDIA GTX 650Ti

AMD 7770, 7790 or NVIDIA or GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost 2 GB?

I have a 350 psu with a 6 pin connector now (Dell 8000)

Not really a gamer and will be building a new rig in a year or so.

Using 2 monitors and would be willing to upgrade the psu if necessary.
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  1. The 650 Ti Boost is the best out of the bunch you just listed, though a PSU upgrade would be necessary for any of those
  2. What about stepping down to a 7750
  3. Since you're not a heavy gamer a 7750 would work perfectly with that PSU
  4. So if the 7770 can be had for only $15 more should I go for that?
  5. It's a better deal but it would be pushing that PSU, so not as safe
  6. if you are not gaming but still would sometime go for a 7770 or 6670. Otherwise go for an ACP
  7. The 7750 is more powerful than the 6670 and actually consumes less power at the same time
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    I you don't want to upgrade you power supply get a 7750. The 650 ti boost wins out of those 3 cards.
  9. Thanks. Got a MSI HD 7770 for just $69 plus a $15 rebate along with a Thermaltake TR2 500w for $39 with a $20 dollar rebate, that's quite an upgrade for $73
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