I7 4770 vs I5 4670 and SSD

The rest of my PC are:

Asrock H87 Fatal1ty Performance
Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1600MHZ
Gigabyte GTX 660 OC
Greenmax 650W PSU
1.5TB Sata 2 7200RPM
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  1. that depends on your needs. what will you do with this PC?
  2. If you gaming than the i5 4670k makes the most sense. If you going to be doing some extreme rendering and need the added support for that than the 4770k or even a Xenon CPU would make much more sense. It all depends on your needs and budget.
  3. @ Lunyone and Anas Basar - I will be mostly gaming!

    Thanks for the answers but I think that I would go for a I7 4770 because the only reason is that I will be using this PC for 4 Years and the i7 may not make any difference now but I think that it would make a difference in about 2 years time. I also feel that a SSD would get less expensive over time and I will maybe be able to upgrade my full hard drive to an SSD. What I mean is that I think a I 7 would give me better performance in 2016 than an SSD
  4. Personally the i5 4670k and an SSD is a much better buy, IMHO. It's up to you, but once you experience an SSD you won't go back!
  5. There are some cases where the i7's virtual threading hurts gaming performance because most games are designed to run off of physical cores. I agree with lunyone on this one.
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    ok am not a CPU expert, but unless you use CPU intensive applications that utilises the multithreading facility of the i7, you will not notice much difference between the two, even in 2016. maybe someone else comes and corrects me here.

    i would get a 4670K now and OC it (4.5Ghz), then get a small SSD now (128GB or even 64 if on a tight budget). then upgrade to full SSD in the future.
  7. Hell if I wasn't going to OC, the i5 3350p (no integrated GPU) w/a 120-128 gb SSD & about $50 or so left over for GPU upgrade is the way I would go.
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