Asus P7p55d-3 evo 16GB RAM installed 8GB usable

Hi there,
my PC:
Win7 ultimate 64bit
Asus P7p55d-3 evo
Intel i5 2,66 ghz
4x4gb corsair vengeance lp cml8gx3m2a1600c9

Windows says:

16gb installed ( 8gb usable)

Bios only recognizes 8gb ram.

I tried reseating them in every possible combination but it didnt help.

Resource Monitor says 8gb reserved for Hardware

CPU-Z recognizes 16gb ram

any suggestions what migth cause the Problem ?

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. Make sure your using latest BIOS, which is v2101.

    Memory compatibility was improved from v2004.
  2. if u did what das_stig said and problem still go to your bios and change the memory shared, from 8gb or auto to 512, because the sistem is using this memory for the hd intel graphics.
  3. and almost forget, look if the dual channel is on, if not all is working in single mode.
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