recovery disk creation of hp laptop model no.pavilion-n011tx

after partition of hard disk we can make the recovery disk?
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  1. if you reformatted the drive, the recovery partition is gone. If you just created a new partition, then the answer is yes.

    Go to disk management and see if the hidden partition is still there. Should be about 12GB in size.
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    The recovery partition might still be accessible, turn on the system and hit the recovery key, I think it's F11, but check the manual.
    Then HP recovery manager will open up. From here, it should have the option of creating a set of recovery disc.
    If not, then restore the system using the HP recovery, this will wipe all data on the drive and set it back to factory defaults. Look in All Programs for HP recovery or start menu search HP recovery.
    Launch the HP Recovery manager and then click create a set of recovery disc.
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