Recommended 350 Watt Modular PSU

Okay so I'm opting for a self build for a RAID box and I'm looking for the most suitable PSU.

The machine will include 10 HDDs, a pair of RAID controllers and pretty much nothing else, so the temptation is just to go for any half-decent 350 watt PSU which I believe should be plenty? But then I don't really need much in the way of power cables, in fact my requirements are:

- Enough wattage to power 10 HDDs and a pair of these controllers, though the controllers may be replaced in future so a bit of a lee-way is preferred. I'd originally hoped to build for Thunderbolt but the parts just aren't available for that, and 2x 5gbps or 2x eSATA should be fine for my needs anyway.
- Modular is preferred, as the backplanes I'll use for the drives only require a total of four 4-pin molex connectors and I think two 4-pin floppy power connectors for the controllers, I'd probably say four floppy connectors to be sure as I may use a slightly more complex arrangement.
- Preferably a rear facing fan but as quiet as possible, as I don't expect great airflow in any direction other than front to back.

I don't mind going to a higher wattage if that gets me better access to the above requirements.
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