cheap mobo and cpu suggestions?

Hi. I got some new components for my system's upgrade and now I am left with some older components that I'd like to use for a second pc to give to a friend. These are:
gpu:powercolor radeon 5850
hdd:wd 500gb blue
ram:corsair dominator 2x2gb TW3X4G1600C9D 9-9-9-24 1.80V ver8.1
psu:fsp 500w bronze

So what I need is mobo and cpu, dont care if its amd or intel, as long as its compatible with the rest of the components. Especially the ram which is at 1.80V ( tested at 1.65v and was ok though).

The PC is going to be used for browsing, movies, music, internet and maybe some games at medium settings. I would prefer 4-core.
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  2. sort of what i was looking for, knew was going to be amd just havent built amd b4 and wasn't sure of the components, thanx m8
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