laptop ram stability advice - worth getting some heat spreaders?

hi everyone!

I've just bought a Clevo W370ST and am battling to get the temperatures down to stable.

with a complete stock system I was getting 97c on two of the cores - Real Temp had 'LOG' on one rather than 'OK' which I assume means it's hit TJmax

anyway, I've knocked 50mV off the core and dropped the max multipliers down with intel's XTU which has made my temps loads better, although I had a BSOD at the weekend after prolonged gaming.

I have a cooler keeping the airflow moving, but just wondered if it would be worth putting some heat spreaders on the memory modules, maybe that's where the instability lies?
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  1. Your cpu is overheating, not the ram, and it's not unstable. It shouldn't be overheating and since you just got it, I'd rma.
  2. +1 CPU, RMA !
  3. Well,I think it's a case of 'you get what you pay for' I speccd this laptop the same as an alienware I was looking at yet it was £500 cheaper. Pc specialist who I bought it from said it's normal for those laptops.

    I'm not prepared to run at those temps hence I've lowered the multipliers so it sits in the early 80s which I'm happier with (we're taking occt small ffts and physx simultaneous) yet I'm still wondering, if a design with only one fan for both gpu and cpu is keeping the ram cool enough?
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    But that's not the case. Others are reporting temps in the 70sC in prime. This is a case of "something is faulty" because it can't even operate as it should. No one has a perfect shipping record, you were just lucky enough to be one. RMA. Clevo is by no means cheap in quality. You save money by them not spending $860million on marketing like dell does. Ram gets no airflow, this is common on all laptops and isn't an issue. You can obviously see the cpu is overheating, why think it's something else?
  5. I was reading:

    and of note, at the start of the review section it states:

    "Before we come to the results, we have to mention a limitation of our test system. The Clevo P150SM and other Haswell barebones from the Taiwanese manufacturer still had problems allowing the maximum Turbo frequency to be reached during multi-threaded operations at the time of testing. In our case, the Core i7-4800MQ, the 4900MQ, and the 4930MX were limited to a maximum of 3.4 GHz. As a result the performance is 3 to 9 percent lower and we hope that this problem will be solved in the final devices. We have still mentioned the results even with this problem. At least, they allow for a rough classification of the Haswell CPUs. We had no issues with the single-threaded tests with maximum Turbo frequencies possible with the device."

    I'm assuming the issues that are mentioned are thermal? are people with Clevos like mine really reporting temps in the 70s?

    I'm not wanting to come across blinkered, but i'm not sure it's something absolutely wrong with the chip?

    check out this guys review of a slightly smaller Clevo:

    If you go to the game reviews, you can see that at high combined GPU/CPU stress the CPU temps are in the 90's, with BF3 measured at 96

    I've already pestered at tech support with PC specialist regarding getting hold of the thermal log for when my machine spent it's 24 hours in the hot box test room, yet it's all gone quiet

    i wonder whether i should just repaste at least< try that first
  6. Here's the w350st which is the same design but 15.6" version as your w370st and the same specs, haswell i7 and 765m. It seems to have slightly thicker heatpipes and heatsink vs the laptops you mentioned which will make all the difference. These specs are recommended for 15"+ laptops so doesn't makes sense why they put it in smaller laptops. Larger laptops will typically have larger heatsinks. Here's also a long thread for other's experiences with the 370st as well as the other laptop models with the same design.
  7. well, I came home tonight and immediately got the laptop under load - occt on 8 threads with small ffts and a more stressful furry test thingy on msi kombustor. the image below is rather alarming

    for the most part it refused to run any higher than 2.5ghz then once the third core logged TJmax on real temp the CPU dropped all multipliers and stuck itself down to 8x100 and slowed to a crawl.

    I also noticed the ram speed was 1333 rather than the 1600 that i paid for so i'm currently having replacements shipped out along with a replacement, checked heatsink/pipe/rad assembly, then I'll do my own paste job i think

    bit rubbish considering theres a system builder, hotbox tester and qc inspector that have let a computer that crashes under load with the wrong ram in leave the shop...
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