My cursor sometimes freezes when browsing the internet, is this a software problem?

My laptop is brand new-HP dual core i7 8 gigs ram (no SSD) GeForce 740M graphics card. It typically freezes when using google Chrome and when on facebook(it freezes for about five seconds). It also freezes my music when on youtube sometimes and repeats the same tone for about five seconds.

What could be the source of these freezings? I want to know if my laptop is defective so I can get that taken care of if so. HP customer support had me clear all my temporary internet files and some other files and re-install the graphics driver. So that's what I've done so far.
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  1. Try these:
    1. Defragment your hard drive (search Windows for Disk Defragment).
    2. Do a scan for viruses (you never know).
    3. Make sure that everything is up-to-date (Windows, Chrome, ETC).
  2. This may be a coincidence. But, I had a terrible problem with my cursor freezing for 10 seconds at a time with Google Chrome. After changing my screen display to 1024 x 768 pixels (from 800 x 600) I have not had a problem.
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