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Which one of these is better do you think. I was thinking of having a SSD for my OS and HDD for everything else, but i have heard it is a hassle and SSD will be about $40 minimum so I feel it is a lot for minimal gains. However I have thought of SSHD and have seen some reviews online showing faster performance on start up times and such but performes very similar to HDD on transfering data and accessing data. Any thoughts.
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    SSD is fastest and great for your OS and/or apps that really need speed.
    SSHD is a poor mans SSD,.. its more like a HDD with a very big cache..... so no substitute for a SSd IMHO
    HDD... lots of space for your buck.. but relatively slow..
    I have SSD for OS (and space for few key apps if needed) and HDD for everything else.. would never go back.. and would not really consider SSHD

    HTH.. though...Other opinions available
  2. The reviews on SSHD's that you read were accurate. If you want fast boot times and can live with a regular Harddrive then by all means get one and enjoy the hassle free experience of having a large c: drive, SSD boot speeds, and without having to micromanage SSD space or where to install stuff too...
    Of course having a large SSD to begin with is just boss! LoL
  3. SSD allows constant fast performance for OS and apps installed on it. SSHDs usually only have 8 GB Cache in total, which end up in caching only some stuff and not all.
    I would always go with SSD/HDD combo where possible, SSHD is only for budget solutions.
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